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Email Ticketing:-

Just on a single mail, a ticket will been raised and automatically client profile will been created under company. Email ticketing management in OCRDESK is very pretty and reliable. We deliver fresh customer services through our service portal.

Complaints Tracking:-

OCRDESK enables you and your organization to keep track on complaints filed by client. Auto email to admin whenever complaint lodged by client. Client has set priority of complaint while filing complaint. Admin can easily assigned complaints to their team. For every action performed by Technician/Agent, admin get an email of complaint progress. Suppose an Technician/Agent has left complaint because of some reason, admin can reassigned same complaint to other Technician/Agent with few simple mouse clicks.

Custom Email Configuration:-

OCRDESK knows every task or transaction related to service is very important for user. Customer don’t really care about the way things works in help desk. They just want their problem solved.

So it our responsibility to make such task in very easy and convenient way for our customer. OCRDESK has a facility for configuring custom email for incoming and out going email. Here user can put their own email configuration information for managing daily task in more easy way. After configuration customer will get all transaction email on their configured email in box.

OCRDESK allows you to configure your business email as a white label which helps your client communication through your professional email id.

3 Level Escalation:-

OCRDESK support escalation up to 3 level. Suppose a ticket assigned to agent but agent has not attended the ticket within 12 hours then such ticket is escalated to the one level up to senior guys, but still no action on ticket then again ticket is escalated other seniors until ticket is not resolved.

Business Rules Management through SLAs:-

SLA(Service Level Agreement) are great way to negotiate expectations between clients and customers. It helps to provide transparency which is expected by any client from customers. SLA helps the client to avoid hidden surprises which gives a problem when clients supposed to shoot out a support request.

OCRDESK helps you to manage and drive support SLAs according to industry best – practice.

Integrated live chat:-

OCRDESK has its own live chat facility which is integrated by default for live conversation between client and customer user. It helps the client to stay tuned with customer for support which makes the client and customer happy in real- time and make strong bonding and provide appropriate support to them.

Live chat support automatically route chats and transfer it to right person which belongs to clients division.

With OCRDESK your client can chat with support team any time from any where. For this support you have to fill up a form about you. Here you can view history of all previous chats.

Auto Cost Center:-

As per the client attended by agent, there is a auto calculation of cost effect as per client service, which helps you to analyze expenditure versus income.


If some client want to replaced a material within its replacement period, For such kind of functionality, OCRDESK has Replacement module where you can add replacement request against the item, here you can add multiple items.
Customer can update or change status of such replacement request once item is hand over to client.


Job sheet contains the information about the service goods and also contains information regarding estimated quotations either for service call or service maintenance along with repair or replacement quotation if required. It also states estimated time frame for the service or repair maintenance as per required.


Once the sales stage reaches its final phase you may start working on the payment procedure. In this regard an Invoice plays a vital role, which is important for both Sales and Accounting purposes. An invoice is a bill issued by the vendor to the customer along with the goods or services shipment. It usually contains the Purchase Order reference number, Date, Billing Address, Shipping Address, Terms of Payment, Line Items (products/services) with quantities and prices. In a typical organization, invoicing completes the sales process and begins the accounting process where accounts receivable is managed by the Accounts/Finance teams.