Help Desk for Education

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The IT support centers in educational institutions—schools, colleges, and universities—face unique operational challenges due to the distributed nature of their sites and their need to support a growing student and faculty base. The ratio of IT staff to customers is becoming smaller which greatly impacts time of service delivery and the quality of service.

OCRDESK for Education streamlines your school’s or department’s support requests into a single, easy-to-use interface, no hardware, no IT maintenance, no training required. With OCRDESK, you can intuitively manage requests and set up a knowledge base for FAQs. So instead of being overwhelmed with queries and complex IT tools, you can now simply focus on helping your students and staff.

OCRDESK is an easy-to-use and affordable IT help desk software for K-12 schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions. Web Help Desk enables you to:

-Deliver on-time support to students and faculty on your campuses

-Establish seamless communication between end-users and IT pros via a centralized Web interface

-Build a knowledge base to provide self-resolution options to students and other IT end-users

-Discover and manage all IT assets at all your sites and campuses

-Save considerable time managing tickets and have more time for actual support tasks

-Improve the productivity and quality of customer support