Help Desk for Government Organization

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Government organisations can speed up their internal operations with the assistance of an advanced service desk software. OCRDESK helps to centrally manage all the departments and bring in a transparency in the nature of tasks handled within. This will also increase their overall performance in terms of fielding more people support requests.

The OCRDESK help desk helps provide the perfect customer service in the public sector by creating tickets for queries from people, manages contacts to keep track of stakeholders and also brings about useful integrations with other apps for achieving efficiency in various areas like finance, human resources and policy making.

A public sector organisation will have to provide great customer service, handle petitions and complaints from citizens, have a constant connect with other organisations and also provide effective communication to different levels of administration within the country. OCRDESK help desk acts as a holistic government contact center to provide responses to queries, have mails from other organisations stored as priority tickets and uses forums to communicate with other administrations in a hassle free manner.