Help Desk for Real Estate

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OCRDESK is a trusted help desk solution for real estate business. Realtors and real estate businesses deal with a lot of email. Let OCRDESK manage your workflow so that you can get back to work for your clients. With OCRDESK, you can be sure that every question that your customers throw your way gets answered. In fact, you can go beyond phone, email, your website and other traditional channels, and engage with your customers through Twitter and your Facebook page too. That means you get to talk, support and close that deal, wherever the customers are, right from within your helpdesk!.
Real estate is a very calculative investment for people, and they need to have complete understanding of the property before buying or selling. This means there will be multiple questions from buyers requesting for information and clarification.
To handle such large volume of traffic and provide efficient real estate customer service, OCRDESK converts all the mails into tickets for you to look into.
Conducting marketing campaigns across multiple locations at once is no easy task. There will be different people manning these campaigns at different locations, and your company should ensure smooth execution of all these campaigns. Use the OCRDESK ticketing system to manage tasks by creating relevant tickets, plan campaigns accordingly and monitor the progress of campaigns based on their respective ticket status.
Contact Management system of OCRDESK store all your contacts in the system and allowing you to access them easily. Thus, you can understand your customers better and give personalised responses to their queries.