Help Desk for Transport and Logistics

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Today, the transport and logistics business has become an indispensable part of every other industry. The challenge often faced by industries is to keep the transport costs minimum. A well-coordinated system connects the need of the customers, employees and prospective partners towards finding a solution to deliver high-end services while keeping the costs quite reasonable. Thus, customer confidence is acquired along with a long term bonding in delivering prompt services time and again.

OCRDESK Streamline your shipping and logistics, enhance customer communication and increase support productivity. Large scale international operations, tax issues, handling problems – Emails flowing in for all these issues are going to be voluminous. OCRDESK help desk lets you manage all these mails from one common interface where you can view these tickets, arrange and consolidate them based on their priority and complexity, and assign them to the concerned staff for their action.

Create tickets for all your sales leads, get your sales team to update tickets constantly with the current status and ensure that no lead falls through the cracks. Set strict deadlines and SLAs on your responses to sales prospects, intensify communication and watch profit margins grow automatically, with the OCRDESK help desk.